Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reality check

For the last 15 years, Big Oil and King Coal have been working overtime to stifle and obscure the implacable truth about climate change. They have endless resources of money, and plenty of people in politics and the mass media (even three or four scientists) willing to take it, provided they tow the carbon lobby line. They have cash and influence, but the one thing that's against them is this: reality.
Next month there's a rare opportunity to get the full, clear unvarnished truth about what we face, and when. The good news: climate change can be slowed, and eventually halted. It is not too late. The bad news: time is running out. Fast.

Wherever you are, whatever your age: watch the video, spread the word, donate your Facebook and Twitter accounts for the event, and get involved. Because, unfortunately for all of us, this matters.