Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another filament in the web

My new web site is now up and running. ( It contains all the usual information, and some pretty pictures. I'll add more of those later. It was all hand coded by my kind friend Brigitte, who has a PhD in this sort of thing. She claims she is a systems designer not a web or graphic designer, but I think she has an excellent eye. I wanted something uncluttered and easy to use, and that's exactly what she's come up with. 
Of course, if people are going to be able to actually find the site, we need to work at the all-important Search Engine Optimization, which seems to be a strange alchemy of links, meta tags, indexing and chicken blood. (All right, I lied about the chicken blood. A few feathers are usually sufficient, provided it's a full moon.) Anyway, web sites are pretty de rigeur these days. So it's about time I launched one.
By the way, the picture above is entitled Robot Spider Web and it was created by the rather talented Sven Geier at Caltech in Pasadena, which just happens to be where the Einstein Papers Project is located. You can check out more of his "fractal and algorythmic art" by going to his web site ( and pressing the appropriate panel. 

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