Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Einstein girl in Poland

The Polish translation of The Einstein Girl was published last month, with this rather elegant (and historically authentic) cover. The title in Polish is actually The Einstein Case, because to translate the original title word-for-word produces something indistinguishable from Einstein’s Girlfriend – which is definitely not what was intended. My polish publishers, Książnice, originally suggested Einstein’s Daughter, but for me that was too on-the-nose – as well as being the title of a non-fiction book published a few years ago in America.

In terms of the number of titles published, Poland has been my most faithful market to date. In all, seven out of eight of my books have been published there. That’s more even than the UK. Perhaps there is some faint Slavic strain running through my prose ... or maybe that's just the luck of the draw!


Kate said...

I got your book (in English) while I was in Prague, Czech Republic. I am half Polish and half American, and I received my high school education in Poland and I have to tell you: the approach towards literature cannot be compared to the one which you have in the United States. Poles do love good books, they sell well -especially "hard" copies (at such stores like Empik - it is like Barnes and Noble in the U.S. -except that B&N is far bigger and far more awesome), i.e. they are not too fond of reading books or magazines online. I cannot explain to you how much I loved "The Einstein Girl". I am so happy that this book will be released with a Polish translation (I hope that the translator was decent!), because I can now get it for my Mom (she is not a fluent-English reader). I currently live in Warsaw, Poland and I will take a trip to Empik one of those days and take a picture of the "Polish" "Einstein Girl" -I hope it reaches the very #1 top shelf of bestsellers! :))) Keeping my fingers crossed!

Philip S said...

Thank you for your kind message, Kate. I'm delighted you enjoyed the book. Please let me know if the Polish translation is indeed a good one. I've no other way of finding out for myself!

loi said...

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