Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dutch cover story

Marga de Boer of Dutch publishers Luitingh-sijthoff very kindly sent me not only the artwork for the Dutch language edition of THE EINSTEIN GIRL (due out in September), but also the original archive photograph upon which it is based (see above). After various experiments with tinting - that balloon has been all shades of the rainbow ar various times - the final cover looks like this (see below).

Notice how the laughing girl second from the left has been skilfully airbrushed out. Still, what I can't help wondering is: who is this lady with the balloon? And what became of her? Maybe someone somewhere remembers her. It's funny to think that the only thing left of her might be an image on the cover of a Dutch edition of an English novel, published 77 years after her night on the town - funny, and just a bit sad.

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