Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A rose in any other language

Yesterday I received the unexpected news that THE EINSTEIN GIRL is to be translated into Bulgarian by the distinguised firm of Ciela in Sofia. Needless to say, the advance is modest; but these days every Euro helps, and there is nothing like seeing your work in Cyrillic to make you feel that you’re truly reaching out across international boundaries - like Michael Jackson embracing the world in one of his music videos, only without the surgery, the millions or the ridiculous white pajamas.

Though I’ve sold titles in Bulgaria before, I've never actually visited the place. Perhaps it’s time I did. I happen to know that aerial bombing was invented there in 1912, during a war with the Ottomans. I've also discovered that Bulgaria currently accounts for half of the world’s annual production of rose oil, according to the Ministry of Tourism. So: a case of swings and roundabouts....

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